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For the Intelligent World, Embrace Digital

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In today's world, digital transformation is a critical choice for growth, for companies and countries alike. Countries need to open the data floodgates to irrigate slowing economies. Companies must take a tight grip on the opportunities of the digital age, and mine them for profit. In the midst of digital transformation, everyone is searching for ways to use new technologies, to pull ahead, to be a part of the Intelligent World, and to share in the digital dividend.

+Intelligence and the Intelligent World
What will the digital world be like? In a word: Intelligent. New chips and sensors mean that today, everything can be "+Intelligence". And with new computing, storage, and analytics, information and communications technology (ICT) is expanding the boundaries of what that +Intelligence can do.
When AlphaGo defeated the world's no. 1 go player, Ke Jie, it was no fluke. Rather, it was the inevitable culmination of a long process, in which algorithms and binary programming gradually became truly intelligent. It is easy to imagine more: Chatbots will soon be ubiquitous, giving personalized advice on fitness routines and recipes; AI doctors will be reading our x-rays and giving remote diagnoses; Industry 4.0 will reconfigure factories and supply chains in response to real-time demand.
The rise of innovative ICT technologies and applications is only opening the throttle of the digital engine. Entire industries are transforming to become part of the +Intelligence age. Transport+Intelligence means that you won't need to know the way – the way will know you. Healthcare+Intelligence will be about curing the person, not the disease. Manufacturing+Intelligence will make what you need before you even know you need it. Progress in ICT will flip us from a world that fights over resources to a world that competes on smarts. We will soon be in a world where everything is sensing, everything is connected, and everything is intelligent.


Turning Intelligence into Action
The digital transformation is coming. But how can we seize its opportunities? The key lies in the actions we take now. Get ahead to stay ahead, because it will be ICT leaders who write the next chapter in our digital history.

National ICT infrastructure: Springboard for the digital economy
Digital is increasingly the agent of disruption to the old commercial order. That means that ICT infrastructure is now the driver of high-quality economic growth. McKinsey reports that in emerging nations, digital finance is set to deliver a 6% increase in GDP, which translates to US$3.7 trillion – equivalent to the size of the German economy.
"If you want to get rich, build a road." This is ancient wisdom in China, and today the role of ICT infrastructure demonstrates how vital it is. ICT connections are the road on which the digital economy runs. Huawei's Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2017 reports that ICT's multiplier effect is only getting stronger. In 2016, every dollar spent on ICT infrastructure drove 3 dollars in GDP growth. By 2025, each dollar invested in ICT will create 5 dollars in added GDP. But while the importance of ICT investment is growing, slow returns on infrastructure investment can sap the willingness of companies to bite the bullet. It can take at least 10 years to recoup money poured into fiber optic networks, for example. Governments need to provide more supportive policies to encourage investment in ICT. Decisive, visionary governments will set the policies that help companies turn digital transformation into digital reality.